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Making a movie is like going on a wild journey and every traveler require some tools in their backpack in order to make the journey a lot more fun. Actually, every filmmaker and video producer needs software says, Richard Rionda Del Castro.

Whether individuals are in pre-production or post, a lot of software available that they need to process their everyday tasks. However, the downside is that the software is not always cheap.

Luckily, there is a lot of affordable software available for whatever specific production task filmmakers need to complete. Let’s have a look at some filmmaking software and tools of 2018.


Once the film producer lock in a draft of the script, it’s time to storyboard the project. The storyboard function of the StudioBinder permit filmmakers to build storyboard directly from your script.

Budgeting Software

Story Board Fountain is a web app that features the modern interface that allows filmmakers to sketch in their vision via a digital tablet. It is free and latest application, however, has already drummed up significant novel users says Hannibal pictures producer.

All you need to do is to preview the screenplay, label each panel with shot particulars which makes a shot list at the similar time. And then save it as a slideshow that whole film producing team can watch.

Seed & Spark or Slated

his is the latest crowdfunding website for filmmakers. Every individual need to go through a green light process to ensure they can execute their project. Slated work by connecting the project to high net worth investors with taste suited to individual’s project. Actually, no fund is transferred through this software but the rapport with film producers are worth quite a bit.

Intocircuit Power Monster

Unluckily, laptop batteries do not last very long. And this is actually problematic for film producers who trust on their laptops to accomplish production software and documents on set emphasis Richard – a filmmaker. Hence, if filmmakers are shooting in remote locations without any wall outlets, they have to carry an external battery in order to extend their laptop’s battery life. And Intocircuit Power Monster is one of the best external batteries. This battery will double the laptop battery life when individuals plug into it.


Being a filmmaker, you are running an industry. Therefore, you should make sure productivity software is always ready. Whether you are transferring latest press kit or getting a new cut of the trailers, you will discover yourself sending large files online.

Dropbox is one of the best tools that offer 2GB online storage for free says, Richard. You can check Richard Rionda Del Castro biography in order to know more about him. Moreover, a newer alternative offers additional storage space. Google Drive offers 15 GB and Cloud365 offer 20 GB for free.

FilmFreeWay leads to 500,000 entries submitted by filmmakers through its site being certain as official entries.


Movidiam allows filmmakers to source from the best crew in television and film industry. Upload a reel to immediately connect individuals to connect with producers, filmmakers and other freelancers on the site. This is the perfect tool to use if you want to connect with artists in the commercial sphere.

Wrapping Up

Filmmaking is a daunting process. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to get through it successfully. Above are some software & tools described by Richard Rionda Del Castro that filmmakers should use. Along with these tools, there are many other tools that producers can utilize for filmmaking and producing.

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