5 Biggest Challenges Faced by Independent Filmmakers

5 Biggest Challenges Faced by Independent Filmmakers

After playing a variety of roles, Richard Rionda Del Castro, president of Marco Polo Production find it terrible – the challenges facing by independent filmmakers. While coming back from a Film Festival this spring, he ran into two veteran British film producers. Both of them had produced nigh on 60 features, been nominated for or won several Oscars. Also, their standard is considered to be highly successful. Both of them were very negative about the film industry future. In addition, the prospects of making films like they had been over the past thirty years. They argued that ‘Independent Cinema’ is dead.

I think it can differ!

No segment of the media industry has acquired as many changes since the advent of the Millennium in the film sector. A great modification in Technology and film production methods. Simultaneously, film distribution, has improved. On top of that, rapid currency fluctuations have played havoc with the film producers’ cash flow forecasts.

Here`re five challenges from Richard Rionda Del Castro faced by film producers, since the Millennium, and what I believe to be an effective strategic position to take for success.

Challenges Faced by Independent Filmmakers
Challenges Faced by Independent Filmmakers

Digital Revolution Submerged the Marketplace

Fact: Low-priced production methods have helped to create more product than buyers.

Strategy: Ensure your movie is genre specific. The genre is the only method by which a film buyer and the marketing manager of a distribution company can quickly visualize the movie poster, trailer, and marketing campaign. Not drama! Distributors buy genre.

Online Distribution Has Become Commonplace

Fact: With the advent of YouTube, the film distribution has been revolutionized. Also, it has advanced the way consumers watch movies and television. The impact of illegal online distribution also affected film industry as well as the music industry.

Strategy: Richard Rionda Del Castro suggested to build a hybrid distribution approach that includes traditional cinema/DVD/television releases with online distribution.

Hollywood Is Shortage of Ideas

Fact: New storytelling techniques dominate! Gaming industry modified storytelling and filmmaking techniques.

Strategy: Popular filmmakers are most likely an artist who consider themselves visual storytellers using moving images to tell their stories. Incorporation with gaming techniques, both in terms of storytelling and visualization will make movies stronger.

Independent Filmmakers
Independent Filmmakers

Cinema Distribution yet Healthy – But in Different Way.

Fact:  Including cameras and sound capture, picture screens are also digitized. High-end production houses like Hannibal PicturesSony Pictures, Pixar and much more have adopted this technology so far.

Digital screen doesn’t require a 35mm film print. Films can be emailed to a cinema screen hard drive. Also, they can easy schedule with just a click of a mouse.

Cinema exhibition has also benefited from 3D technology. Like it or not, screens will be demanding 3D product.

Television networks are struggling to find enough HD content for their HD channels, let alone their new 3D channels like Britain’s Sky 3D. Incorporating with mix online platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime and you have an entirely new distribution outlet.

Strategy: Film Producer should learn the technique of communicating with television and cinema owners in order to deliver saleable content. Also, generate maximum revenue.

A Great Struggle to Development Fund

Fact: It’s hard to get development funding. Yet without proper development, movies will continue to suffer from weak storylines.

Strategy: Essentially, you need enough funds to complete your movie, either from any lending or some financial firm like Hannibal Pictures finances.

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