Richard Rionda Del Castro Biography

Richard Rionda Del castro Biography

In 1992, Richard Rionda Del castro from Los Angeles County, California joined the French film production and financing company Sud Finance, the holding company of Ulysse Entertainment.  In his position, he arranged for the procurement of investment capital, for a financing of the international co-production of The Night and The Moment, starring William Dafoe, Lena Olin and Miranda Richardson.  The film was distributed in the U.S. by Miramax and worldwide by Ulysse Entertainment.

The following year, Richard Rionda Del Castro moved to Los Angeles as President of Sales for Ulysse Entertainment. There he continued to oversee both sales and acquisition operations of seven motion pictures with such stars as Michael J. Fox, Treat Williams, Tcheky Karyo, C. Thomas Howell, Tia Carrere, Kristy Swanson, Andrew McCarthy, Judd Nelson and Gina Gershon. In 1999 Rionda Del Castro left Ulysse Entertainment to pursue his dream of becoming an independent producer and formed Hannibal Pictures. While Hannibal Pictures, like most sales companies, acquired films to sell on the foreign market, Rionda Del Castro would also actively pursue projects that he could finance, produce and sell.

Richard Rionda Del Castro
Richard Rionda Del Castro

Other films Richard Rionda Del castro has lent his expertise to include; Crime Spree starring Gerard Depardieu and Harvey Keitel;  Absolon with Christopher Lambert, Lou Diamond Phillips and Ron Perlman;  The Flying Dutchman starring Eric Roberts, Rod Steiger and Catherine Oxenberg; and Partners in Action starring Armand Assante, and a film for which Rionda Del Castro co-wrote the screenplay.

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